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Professional team

Window blind team is professional in all aspect of its service. We strive to use our expertise in order to serve our clients in the best way possible and in the most unique and professional way. At Window Blind Team, we have gone through different training that will enable us offer you window blind services in the best way. All our window blind team has the entire certificate that are needed to offer window blind services. We make sure that we update our certificates every year by attending different courses. Window blind team are reachable on 888-431-1999, for your window blind services.


Affordable prices

All our clients are entitled to fair prices regardless of the packages we offer. We have very flexible packages and we can change them to fit the budget that our client has or is willing to spend. We believe that beautiful and unique window blind is a must have for every home and that is why we make sure everybody can afford to install window blind at there home. We believe in quality for the value and that is what make us unique and have affordable cost.


Fully insured and certified

Client loves to work with the company that they are sure they have certification to deal with window blind and our window blind team has all the necessary certification pertaining to window blind services. We have also gone an extra mile and insured all our window blind teams just incase of any damage during our time performing our services our clients will be compensated fully.

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Motorization of window blinds

At Window Blind Team we offer motorization of your window blinds. The comfort and lifestyle that is brought about by motorization of your window blinds is what makes clients keep on coming back for more services. Window blind team has come up with different techniques that will ensure that all your motorized windows are well serviced to avoid breakdown. Being able to close and open your windows binds from where you are resting is the main reason why clients love motorizing their window binds. The other reason that makes clients love to motorize their window blinds is because the window blinds wont be touched thus preventing them from getting scratches and dirt. Window blind team is willing to install motorization on your window blinds and at the same time advice you on the best kind of motorization that will suit your home. Window blind team has two kind of motorization that we can install for your window blinds the one that uses batteries and the other that uses your household current. Let us know when we can visit your home and install window blind motorization, our phone numbers are 888-431-1999.

Custom hand craft window blinds

We have clients who would love to design and hand craft their own window blinds according to their own taste and preferences. Window blind team has expertise to help you fulfill your dream of hand crafting your own window blinds. At Window Blind Team our team members will guide you on how to go about custom handcrafting your own window blinds and install them at your home. Let window blind team fulfill your dream by giving us a chance to hand craft your window blinds on 888-431-1999.

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